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K2r Dry Stain Spray with Brush Top, 340gr

Perfect solution for instant Teak Cleaning

K2r Dry Stain Spray 200ml

Perfect solution for instant Teak Cleaning

Nautic Clean 17 Teak Cleaner & Restorer Step 1

Cleaner teak for best results. Cleaner, degreaser, stain remover - Does not affect seals

International Goldspar Satin

Goldspar Satin is a one-component interior satin varnish that is quick drying which helps to reduce dust pick up. This traditional varnish provides a hard smooth satin finish which is resistant to mild acids & alkalis.

International Woodskin Natural Teak 0,75lt

Woodskin is a one-component oil varnish hybrid which provides a natural looking semi-gloss finish. The microporous technology enables the wood to breathe.

International Schooner High Gloss Varnish, 0,75lt

Schooner is a premium one-component high gloss varnish which has exceptional durability and is suitable for interior & exterior use.

TEAK WONDER Instant Teak Cleaner, 0,250lt

Removes grease stains from small areas without need of rinsing thoroughly, on any type of material.

TEAK WONDER Brightener, 4lt

Lightening process used to eliminate shading from the teak which may still persist even after the application of the TEAK WONDER CLEANER

TEAK WONDER Cleaner, 4lt

Powerful cleanser that thoroughly cleans the teak easily, with very little effort, without the need for sanding. The product is neither caustic nor aggressive, and will not damage rubber seals, paint or hardware. The grey oxidisation and dirt are removed in a few minutes.

TEAK WONDER Dressing & Sealer

Safe and durable, non-oil based product which provides a pleasant golden colour without darkening the teak or producing that fake coloured look.