Shipments are made through Courier Company.
The delivery times of the products are not binding for the company as they may be affected by unbalanced factors (such as weather conditions, strikes, etc.).

The receipt of your order is done at your place by a courier company or collection from the respective courier store in your area depending on your Postal Code.

Delivery time 1-3 working days

Shipping costs cover the shipment of your order to the shipping address you mentioned when placing the order.

Shipping costs are borne exclusively by the customer.

Shipping costs

Total order valueWeightAttikiThe rest of GreeceCash on Delivery
up to 69,99 €up to 4kg3,50 €4,00 €2,00 €
up to 69,99 €4-10kg4,00 €7,00 €Not available
up to 69,99 €10-30kg8,00 €12,00 €Not available
up to 69,99 €>30kg20,00 €30,00 €Not available
70 € and aboveup to 4kgFreeFreeFree
70 € and above4-10kg5,00 €5,00 €Not available
70 € and above10-30kg5,00 €12,00 €Not available
70 € and above>30kg20,00 €30,00 €Not available