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AWLGRIP Griptex Non-Skid Addid, quart

Griptex is a non-skid polymer bead aggregate used to coat deck and step areas with a non-slip coating. Apply by spray or mix with any Awlgrip finish.

AWLGRIP T0031 Reducer Slow Dry Brush

T0031 Brushing reducer to be used when brushing or rolling 545 Primer or AWL-QUIK® Primer.T0031 Brushing Reducer for Epoxy Primers and Urethane Topcoats.


Awlgrip Topcoat is a premium quality polyurethane high gloss finish, formulated to deliver a great appearance combined with excellent chemical resistance and hardness. Awlgrip topcoat has an easy mix ratio, and can be combined with a range of reducers for a flexible application providing incredible results.

International Danboline Bilge / Locker Paint

Danboline protects bilges, lockers and bulkheads against moisture penetration, and wear and tear. Danboline will resist oil and fuel spillage and cleans easily

International Interdeck 0,75lt

A tough, slip resistant deck paint that protects the surface from every day wear and tear. It’s easy to apply, comes in a range of colours and its low sheen finish helps prevent sunlight from reflecting off decks

International Toplac 0,75lt

Toplac is a range of high-performance colours with a solid reputation, and has been admired on yachts and boats of all sizes for decades. With a rich colour that stays glossy over time, Toplac is the trusted solution when a high-quality topcoat finish is required.

International Perfection Boat Paint

Create a pro-like finish with this long-lasting, high-gloss topside paint. With UV filters, superb colour retention and great chemical and abrasion resistance, it has everything you need

AWLGRIP G3013 Flattening Agent

Awlgrip Flattening Agent G3013 can be used with both Awlgrip & Awlcraft 2000 topcoats to achieve a flat or semi-gloss finish.

Epifanes Yacht Enamel

Ηigh gloss, one-component, traditional marine finish based on linseed oil / modified alkyd resin.

Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating

A high gloss, two-component, polyester saturated, aliphatic urethane coating. Scratch resistant, excellent outdoor durability and weather resistance. Finish provides perfect flow and easy application by brush, roller or spray.

Epifanes Non-Skid Powder 20gr

Nonskid Beads for addition to Epifanes Mono-urethane or Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating to create a custom made color in nonskid.

Epifanes Nautiforte White

Epifanes Nautiforte is superior one-component yacht paint for interior and exterior use on wood, steel, fibreglass and aluminium above the waterline in conjunction with the appropriate primers.