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Redtree Paint Liner, 9″

Plastic insert for a metal tray is solvent resistant.

Redtree Metal Paint Tray, 9″

A professional metal tray features ladder lock legs and has a 1/2 Quart capacity.

Redtree Fiberglass Resin Roller

Fiberglass resin roller with a phenolic core. Uses: for epoxy and fiberglass to evenly distribute resin material and get rid of trapped air.

Redtree Dynex Paint Roller, 7″

Dynex R-22 Dynex Medium pile roller, compatible with fiberglass resin, Epoxy, and Antifoulings.

Redtree Resin Roller, Aluminum Alloy, 5″

Redtree 5" Aluminum Alloy Resin Roller perfect for multiple layer laminating projects.

Redtree Multi Purpose Paint Roller Sleeve

All-purpose. Polyester & Acrylic Blend with a phenolic core.