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AWLGRIP T0006 Epoxy Primer Reducer

Standard epoxy reducer for use with a range of spray-applied Awlgrip primers.

AWLGRIP T0003 Standard Reducer

Use T0003 in AWLGRIP® Topcoats when application and cure temperatures are between 70°F to 85°F (21°C to 29°C).

AWLGRIP T0001 Fast Spray Reducer

Fast-evaporating reducer for use with spray-applied Awlgrip finishes, between 16-24°C/60-75°F

AWLGRIP Awlcat #3 Converter for Brush

Awlgrip AwlCat #3 Brushing Converter is to be used with AWLGRIP ONLY when brushing or rolling.

AWLGRIP Awlcat #2 Converter For Spray

Awlgrip G-3010 Awlcat #2 Converter is to be used to catalyze AWLGRIP or AWLCRAFT 2000 topcoats only when spraying.

International Thinner No. 910, 1lt

Thinner 910 is a special blend of organic solvents designed for thinning Interprime 820 and Polyurethane Basecoat, specifically for spray applications.

International Thinner No. 7, 1lt

Thinner No.7 has been specially formulated for thinning epoxy type products including Interprotect® and Gelshield® 200.

International Thinner No. 3, 1lt

Thinner No.3 is suitable for antifouling paints (except for VC® products), bottom coatings and other special paints.

International Thinner No. 1, 1lt

For use above the waterline, Thinner No.1 is a very good, general purpose thinner that’s designed to be used with one-part paints (excluding antifoulings) and varnishes.

Epifanes Spray Thinner, 1lt

Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish

Epifanes Brush Thinner

Double distillation, high purity solvent for thinning all Epifanes one-part paints and varnishes.

Epifanes Spray Thinner For PU, 1lt

Fast evaporating thinner for spray applications of Epifanes Polyurethane Yacht coatings